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The Travel Is Real

Enjoy The Travel is Real. A podcast about hearing exciting, engaging, weird and wild travel and expat stories. Its a wild ride!

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Oct 7, 2019

Digital nomad, mentor, and all around cool cat, my friend Kenny Hanson sat down on The Travel is Real podcast to discuss a couple travel stories and insights he has enjoyed along his Southeast Asia adventure. Kenny and I first discuss the instagram culture in Bali, and he gives a pretty unique insight. We then talk about his weird and wild experiences during a Visa run which led him to some gnarly encounters with locals along the way. Finally we both riff about the sheer beauty that is the Ha Giang loop, found in Vietnam.

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Episode Highlights:
  • Instagram Culture in Bali
  • From Corporate Life, to Nomad Life
  • Badass Monks and Meditation
  • Earth's Most Beautiful Landscape