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The Travel Is Real

Enjoy The Travel is Real. A podcast about hearing exciting, engaging, weird and wild travel and expat stories. Its a wild ride!

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Oct 28, 2019

In this inspiring episode of The Travel is Real, my Kiwi guest, Tom Walker tells a story of how a trip to India, and eastern medicine was the reason he could walk, run, and even climb mountains once more. We start by going through a gut wrenching, awful incident that lead tom being crippled for quite some time. Tom then...

Oct 19, 2019

Ben Orndorff is my guest this week, and gives the podcast one banger of an episode! He firsts starts by educating me on how to properly, and illegally sneak into the pyramids of Giza and actually climb to the top of one of the pyramids. We then get into a serious situation Ben found himself in the middle of...

Oct 14, 2019

In this amazing episode, my guest Bria gives the podcast stories that range from embarrassing, inspiring, creepy/dangerous, and all the way to motivating. We first begin by Bria detailing her less than idea scooter accident that resulted in an awkward situation for all parties involved.
After that, we get into a...

Oct 7, 2019

Digital nomad, mentor, and all around cool cat, my friend Kenny Hanson sat down on The Travel is Real podcast to discuss a couple travel stories and insights he has enjoyed along his Southeast Asia adventure. Kenny and I first discuss the instagram culture in Bali, and he gives a pretty unique insight. We then talk...