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The Travel Is Real

Enjoy The Travel is Real. A podcast about hearing exciting, engaging, weird and wild travel and expat stories. Its a wild ride!

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Jan 5, 2020

Sunny Ju graces the podcast this week and holy cats does she give a wild story. Turns out, getting lost in a massive, remote rainforest is easy. Unnervingly easy. Sunny illuminates  her experience on how she and three others struggled for survival for eight days in the jungle….with only two days of food. Its an amazing story of determination, confidence, and the will to live. She follows this cautionary tale, by discussing why she jumped out of corporate life in Germany, to work for herself in SouthEast Asia.

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Episode Highlights

  • Somethings not Right!?
  • Things are Getting Bad
  • Poacher's Hideout
  • Jumping out of Corporate