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The Travel Is Real

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Nov 25, 2019

My guest Sabby on today's episode is a very great friend and great dude, who I met here in Bali. Sabby details how he went from living in his parents house for one year, to achieving a successful and rewarding lifestyle working remotely anywhere around the world…AKA living that digital nomad life. But first Sabby dives into an absurd hostel hookup story that doesn’t really end well for anyone. Its a great lesson in why you don’t stay in a 30 bed Dorn in a hostel. After that, Sabby details his startup experience while he was living in the states, and then gives light as to why he wanted to leave Canada, and explore the world while working from his computer. Lots great advice and insight in the one, so listen close.

Episode Highlights:

  • A Risque Hostel Hookup
  • Starting a Start-up: Y Combinator
  • Optimize life, travel, and work for happiness
  • How to work while Traveling