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The Travel Is Real

Enjoy The Travel is Real. A podcast about hearing exciting, engaging, weird and wild travel and expat stories. Its a wild ride!

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Nov 18, 2019

SCAMS, Cons, Cheats, Grifts, you name it, this episode has it. My guest Hermes and I detail a few common, and oddly intricate scams travelers encounter when adventuring abroad. We start out by detailing some tips for people looking to backpack abroad, and how to keep your money safe from fraudulent ATMs. After that, Hermes illustrates a crazy story of his time in China, and how he got swindled by a con, known as The Teahouse Scam. Its wild.  We then talk about the Black Budda Temple scam found in Thailand,  various other scams and cons we have both encountered along our travels. Listen close so these cons don’t happen to you. It might not save your life, but it will save your wallet.

Episode Highlights 

  • Bogus ATMs
  • The Tea House Scam
  • Pickpockets. Pickpockets Everywhere!
  • The Budda Temple Con

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