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The Travel Is Real

Enjoy The Travel is Real. A podcast about hearing exciting, engaging, weird and wild travel and expat stories. Its a wild ride!

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Oct 14, 2019

In this amazing episode, my guest Bria gives the podcast stories that range from embarrassing, inspiring, creepy/dangerous, and all the way to motivating. We first begin by Bria detailing her less than idea scooter accident that resulted in an awkward situation for all parties involved.
After that, we get into a creepy and disturbing predicament my guest found her self in, on a work away in the Netherlands. And finally, Bria gives great advice and stimulating words for anyone looking to create their own business, whether it's at home, or living in another country.
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Episode Highlights:
  • Accidents and Underwear
  • How to Escape the Work-Life Rut
  • The Creepy, Bizarre Work Away
  • How to Jumpstart the Entrepreneurial Spirit