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The Travel Is Real

Mar 17, 2019

I have Michaella Lampe on The Travel is Real this week, and what lady she is! Miss Lampe is an incredible world traveler who has amazing scuba diving stories in Koh Tao and South Africa. My guest educates me on the marine conservation efforts of ECO Koh Tao, and how the organiztation seeks to preserve and regrow coral reef. We also discuss what happens when one becomes ill in a boat, or scuba diving underwater. Finally, we learn what it feels like to become "Narked".
For more information on ECO Koh Tao conservation efforts and Dive School, visit their website below
Episode Highlights:
  • World's Most Frightening Bungee
  • A Little Coal Mining Town in Vietnam
  • Koh Tao Rescue Dive
  • Narked!
  • Puking Underwater
  • Marine Conservation